Digital Marketing is one of the today’s most important and trending course in the field of computers . Now, all the people are becoming digital. So, basically digital marketing is something which you do on internet which requires internet or we also said that digital marketing is an internet marketing. As we all know, mostly people in india are engaged in traditional marketing but we see in the trend then they are also engaged in digital marketing  from various ways like sending messages of their shop to customer ,billing process,emails and many more….

Mostly people thought that digital marketing is very difficult or the only person who knows or related to computers can do or is eligible for it but no ,any one can learn it. Now, I’m going to tell you something interesting about digital marketing … As you know when we learn anything then we have to give proper time on it but no in digital marketing you can be specialised in one topic then you will learn that there is nothing to learn about every topic/content.

Digital Marketing is very interesting course like you will learn about SEO some students think that seo is very difficult but no it is a very interesting topic .SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You can make your website on the top of the search page after learning its techniques.

Social Media such as facebook, instagram, twitter etc. is trending in everyone’s life. We all know that mostly everyone is using mobile and facebook is used by mostly people and we said everyone is using facebook so there are many ways in digital marketing in which  you can learn from facebook..our youth is mostly spend whole day on facebook then you can learn techniques of facebook through  digital marketing and earn from it.

you have ever seen on youtube that there is advertisement in between your videos you learn how these videos will post and many things about advertisement and youtube through digital marketing.

Now, we talk about email marketing  it is quite not popular like social media or seo but easy to learn you can send emails to your customers regarding your  product,discounts,offers,new product etc and updates regularly to your customers by which you can keeps relations with your customers.

Now, i will talk to you about the most important thing which a student see and want is “certification”. You can get certification from google also which is very important to you when you go for job.. You can get many certification from google which helps in getting job not only in india but also all over the world.

Sometimes students think that they will not doing job in future as 8-10 hours job is waste their whole day .. I assure you if you do digital marketing and get specialisation in any topic which i talked above then you don’t not want to look for any job …job will look you… you can do freeliencing from home by which you earn more than 8 hours job.

My opinion for digital marketing is very good as in future everything and everyone will become digital you should also try search learn and earn from it.

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